After taking on fuel and ice ourselves, we pondered
staying overnight. Eventually, the smell of garbage, and
the sound of barking dogs convinced us.. leave for the solace of the open ocean, and head
directly for the dreaded Windward Passage between
Haiti and Cuba.
So Bob dropped the dinghy and pushed them out to sea
We were greeted by the Mayor, who arranged for a taxi
to take us out to the salt flats to see the flocks of
flamingos that feed there.
With absolutely no wind, the other boat tried to leave by
fending off with a long stick
But soon ended up against a mud bank
When we arrived at Great Inagua, we found the small
harbor full of Haitian Fishing boats taking on ice.
One was kind enough to make room for us and in we
went, tying up against a crumbling concrete wharf
behind the other boat