The north coast of Jamaica is very dramatic, with high
mountains in the distance
And the fishing is good, too.
Sturdy and comfortable, the rafts are amazing.
Erol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio was absolutely first
rate, and amazingly inexpensive! We'd come back here
Later, we took a taxi into the highlands to raft down the
Rio Grande on bamboo rafts once used for taking sugar
cane down to the mills
Our guide expertly poled the craft downstream,
avoiding obstacles and sipping Red Stripe beer with us.
Now that's my idea of a raft trip!
We couldn't believe our luck! The windward passage
was glass, and by nightfall the next day we were safely
anchored in Port Antonio, Jamaica
What a neat place! As we walked into town, Johnny
presented himself as our escort and facilitator.
Together we enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant.
Legendary Montego Bay I'm afraid has lost its charm to
developers, but the Yacht club still provides a warm
welcome to visiting sailors
Anchoring was difficult, and cruise ships kept us alert as
a steady stream came and went.