We barely stayed out of jail in the ensuing verbal
exchange, but eventually moored off the southern end
of the island...
...where the snorkeling off the boat was good, and so
was the fishing.
Frank did some diving while Barb and Bob relaxed, and
then it was time to head for Grand Cayman Island, which
had just been hit by a Cat 5 hurricane.
Instead of clearing in at the Yacht Club (destroyed), we
were forced to the Commercial dock where Customs
told us to go under the cranes you see here!
Did someone say Piña Coladas?
The limestone island is pock marked with caves, some
of which provided settlers with refuge from hurricanes.
After picking up Frank Varnell, we left Jamaica for the
Cayman Islands, stopping first at Cayman Brac
The friendly locals helped us find a disused mooring in
the narrow channel between the reef and the beach just
off dive resort.