A must see outside of Belize city is the Belize Zoo, home
to all manner of local critters including Howler monkeys
We also took a guided tour of the nearby Mayan ruins...
After three nights at sea we relaxed at Lighthouse reef
in Belize
The water is clear, the snorkeling incredible and
cruising opportunities endless. What a great place!
With the weather fine and the wind behind us it was time
to raise the "Whomper".
Bob Lee at the helm with Otto the autopilot doing the
After dropping Frank off, we picked up Bob Lee and
Linda Walsh for our crossing to Belize
As we left we caught a glimpse of one of Microsoft's
founder Paul Allen's yachts, complete with helicopter
and 40 ft sailboat strapped to the side
We enjoyed the sheltered sailing...
...and the abundant natural booty.
...and saw a croc in a nearby lake
Near Belize city we found beautiful Rendezvous Cay
Incredible snorkeling, and free Rum drinks left over
from day trip excursions!