Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, SW coast of Puerto Rico
Dry coastal scrub along south coast of Puerto
Rico--Looks like AZ to us!!
Approaching Caja de los Muertos,  S coast of Puerto Rico
Desert trail up Caja de los Muertos
Sheltered anchorage off "Gilligan's Island"
View from Lighthouse atop Caja de los Muertos--
that's us down there!
Mangrove canals of Paraguera, SW coast of Puerto Rico
Sidetrip to El Yunque, the rainforest park near San Juan,
Orchids and bromeliads in  El Yunque
The anchorage in Salinas, PR
Somebody stole half our catch on the passage from PR
to Esperanza, Vieques, Spanish Virgins
1804 Spanish built lighthouse atop Culebrita, off Culebra
in the Spanish Virgins
Polished stone floors and painted walls of Culebrita