In the Grenada Marine boatyard, Oct 20,'06, our repaired
mast arrives, hand carried...
...and the mast is stepped using a crane.
After the boat is cradled in the sling, and the support
stanchions are removed, finishing touches are painted
on the bottom
The lift is driven to the slipway with us dangling in the
We drive away from our neighbors, Vindomar and
Champagne 2
Linehandlers are excellent and know their job...
...although some are unique in their approach!
Riggers Dylan (foreground) and Mikey (on the bow)
come aboard in the slipway to tune the tension in the
new rigging
Master Rigger, Louie, tensions the mast while Captain
Bob supervises and takes mental notes
Dylan tightens the turnbuckles on the shrouds
Sailing away from St David's Harbour and Grenada
Photo stop at Grenville on our island tour of Grenada
Drinking water straight from the spring at Annandale
Falls, Grenada
The unassuming little Grenada Chocolate Company
First the beans are roasted in antique machinery driven
by solar energy stored in banks of batteries
The cocoa bean hulls are cracked and the inside cocoa
meat is dumped into this vat, called a melangeur
The chocolate beans are pulverized into a paste under
the weight of these granite stones
With heat and pressure the cocoa is separated from the
cocoa butter fat
Dark organic chocolate bars are molded, wrapped,
boxed, and SOLD! on site at the factory
Took an island tour with Felix to the Chocolate Factory