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At anchor in Los Testigos, our first stop in Venezuela
Brown booby on the bow, Los Testigos, Venezuela
Approaching Porlamar, on Margarita Id, Venezuela
No, it's not Miami Beach or San Diego!
The city of Porlamar on Margarita Id, Venezuela
Bob's monster barracuda on the sail from Porlamar to
Venezuela's offshore islands are pretty low, Cayo
Herradura with lighthouse on Tortuga
The fleet gathers on the beach in the late afternoon,
Cayo Herradura, Tortuga Id, Venezuela
The Andrea Lee served up a baked barracuda that was
lip-smacking, finger-licking, shirt-wiping good!
These informal gatherings are always BYO drinks and
We're all here now: Sandcastle, Pelican's Flight, Andrea
Lee, Jabulani, Not So Interim, and !QB!
Getting ready for the ritual sundown observance and
green flash sighting!
! Que Barbara !
The offshore islands of Venezuela...
...a million shades of blue and green!
Sandcastle at anchor in Los Roques, Venezuela
A freighter come to grief on a reef in Los Roques,