Jim and Sharron come with us on a river cruise
Bamboo rafts ply Jamaica's  Rio Grande from it's source
to the ocean. Once used to carry bananas, now they
carry us!
Talented raft captains can pole while drinking beer
How do the rafts get back upstream? Body-sculpting
Running the rapids
Barb and Bob pull ahead of Jim and Sharron (here)
Pristine and quiet
Riverside refreshment stand
A travertine pool
A new raft being shaped
Leaving the new raft in our wake
Lots of people enjoy the river such as this man netting
Sharron gets an assist...
...and takes the helm!
Barb responds to the challenge!!
But they can't keep up!
Poling is harder work than I thought!
We leave them far astern
Local wildlife abounds
Rafts pile up at the end
The end of the ride is a beautiful public park
The park's graceful headquarters
We exit the Rio Grande