But what's this? Jim appears to be ready to pour a
libation to the seafaring gods, but...
...he's actually gargling gin for medicinal purposes!!
Occasionally even the heartiest sea dogs catch cold.
Lucky our Chief Medical Officer knows what to do!
Bob, Barb and Jim sail ¡Qué Bárbara!
into Placencia, Belize
A colorful hangout, The Purple Space Monkey restaurant
and internet cafe
Fine dining al fresco under the palapa
An unidentified tropical hibiscus
Palapa construction
Roofed with palm fronds
Palm fronds bent when green, dry almost impervious to
Crown fan palm
Art shot
Palms and bananas
The anchorage off Placencia, Belize
Mangrove islands
Island hopping off southern Belize
Best not to anchor to close to mangrove islands or the
mosquitoes will carry you off!
While his wife was in the States, Jim left his boat in
Cucumber Beach Marina and sailed with us for a week -
Experiencing first hand the benefits of catamarans
...while pumping beer
Bob fishing while wearing his new back brace
A private oasis
Island resort
In light air we set the "Whomper"!
Got to replace those fluids!
Bob in his hammock
Ah...Perfect weather
Jim feeling better after recovering from the cold, cough,
& sore throat he caught from Barb. That gin did the trick!
Keeping a close look out...