After taking a ferry from Cozumel and renting a car we're
up early for sunrise over Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
The Serpent Staircase
The Central Pyramid and Plaza, Chichen Itza, Yucatan,
Connecting the Heavens to the Earth
Hundreds of perfect cylindrical columns
Stone columns once supported acres of roofs
Bob and Linda checking out the stonework
A carved frieze of warriors in full plumed regalia
The masonary work of the Itzaes was masterful
Inward-leaning walls formed part of a vaulted roof
enclosing this steam room spa!
Tall widely-spaced columns supported the roof over a
large open space
Typical Mayan vaulted doorway which was the
main entrance through the surrounding walls
Many stone carvings are well preserved
Serpent head and tongue
An astronomical observatory
Chichen Itza  is a huge complex of buildings sprawling
across many acres
Building structures included tunnels and passageways
The Ball Court from outside
The Ball Court inside
The stone ring 20 feet up on the side of the Ball Court
through which players had to pass a rubber ball without
using their hands
The Temple of the Skulls
A victorious warrior carrying the severed head of his
not so fortunate victim
Rattlesnake and eagle carvings prefigure Mexico's
official national seal and flag
Ditto above
A cold underground cenote, a hole through the
limestone to the fresh water aquifer