After dropping Bob and Linda ashore in Cozumel to
catch their plane, we're off to Isla Mujeres, Mexico
north of Cancun
The anchorage is great, except in a hurricane, as the
wreck on the reef behind us found out
After reprovisioning we head north to Isla Contoy
Parque Nacional with its light blue lookout tower
Our anchorage is calm and protected
That's ¡Qué Bárbara! all alone at anchor off Isla Contoy
The landing dock at the park
Panoramic view from the lookout tower of Isla Contoy
The park beach on the western side
Perfect palm-lined crescent beach
The path through the park
At the summit of Isla Contoy overlooking the eastern
side of the island
The view north across the spine of the island
4 ft iguana
The rocky east coast of Isla Contoy
Rugged headlands scoured by pounding surf
No place you'd want to be in a boat
Calm protected west shore
The view south across Isla Contoy with the prominent
lookout tower
The picture perfect tropical beach setting
Unidentified tropical flower
A big and BOLD iguana
Southern stingray
Large southern stingray being pursued by smaller
southern stingray
Southern stingrays making waves
A view of the wind from the lookout tower
View of the Frigate bird nesting colony around the
Frigate birds kiting on the east wind
Captain Barb on Isla Contoy
Fair weather over Isla Contoy
An unusually shy iguana
Calm afternoon at low tide