At Isla Contoy we turned around. South again to Isla
Mujeres and then on past Cancun, Mexico
Cancun close-up
A cross between Miami Beach, Las Vegas and the Land
of OZ
We weren't alone. This is either a dolphin or an
emerging submarine
There's a dolphin under there!
"Dolphins off the bow!"
Always fun to watch
More dolphins off the starboard bow
Riding our bow wave
Effortlessly surpassing our speed through the water
Dolphins pilot us into Bahia Espiritu Santo, on the east
coast of Yucatan where we waited for calmer weather
One dolphin in particular liked acrobatic belly flops
Our cove in Bahia Espiritu Santo
Home for 5 days of calm weather R&R
Mangrove shoreline
Just a little speck 'twixt sea and sky
Coconut hacking
Coconut hunting
Back in Belize - Happy Hour on  ¡Qué Bárbara!  in Cay
Caulker, Belize