With Bonnie's underwater camera, we got lots of great
photos. Here's some Elkhorn coral
Various Sponges and Sea Fans
More Sponges and Sea Fans
Cay Caulker kids, climbing a mangrove tree
Cay Caulker fishermen making a unique use of locally
available materials
Moon Jelly on Glover Reef
Soft Corals on Glover
Dad on Glover
Osprey on Glover
What variety!
Every color imaginable!
A herd of Blue Tangs
A young Grouper
A Moray Eel
A Hawksbill Turtle flys effortlessly through the water
One week later - Capt. Bonnie visits, sailing with her
Dad in Belize while Capt. Barb was in the States, April '07