After a visit to the States for Dr. Brian's Graduation!!!!
We returned to cruise Belize's many beautiful islands
The Queen Keys are part of a protected park and
feature exceptional snorkeling
In light wind we raise the spinnaker and
sail back to Placencia for provisions!
Laughing Bird Cay, once an important breeding site for
Laughing Gulls, also has great snorkeling
at Ranguana Cay, a local fisherman paddles by in his
hand hewn canoe
We invite him aboard and check out his catch - a large
Spanish Hogfish
Later Ahmet returns with lobsters and a crab!
And shows us how to clean and prepare them
A hammer and a stout sharp knife are essential.
First cleave the top side of the tail
Next cleave the underside by whacking the
(well-positioned) knife with the hammer, and rinse out
the guts in the sea
Slice open the legs  and antennae
A few days later at Jack's Cay...
Another fisherman sold us lobsters
And it was our turn to prepare them
No problem! Bob's a quick study
Allright! Quite a feast!
North Long Cocoa Cay. AKA Jumping Ray Bay
Wildlife often visit the boat,
like this large Moneybat Moth!
Hurricane Dean signaled it was time to go. So we
cleared out of Belize at Punta Gorda on August 16th
bound for Guatemala