After a short day sail from Punta Gorda, Belize we
cleared in to Guatemala at Livingston at the mouth of
the Rio Dulce, and anchored for the night
Looking upriver at the jungle and anticipating the worst
we chose instead to cross the bay and visit the Biotopo
We anchored in a beautiful bioluminescent bay and
explored the (Nature Conservancy supported)
manatee reserve
As Hurricane Dean approached we headed up the river
Between towering walls of trees
And occasional Mayan villages
While entertaining our Mangrove Swallow friends
To a perfect anchorage behind an island at the head of
El Golfete, a large fresh water bay
After the storm passed, we motored to the town of
Fronteras where the "highest bridge in Central
America" spans the Rio Dulce
A mile past the bridge is an old Spanish fort originally
built in 1550!
That guards the entrance to Lago Izabal
Now preserved as a beautiful public park
We anchored off for the night and then took a tour
¡Qué Bárbara! is in range...
...of the guns!!!
Incredibly beautiful Lago Izabal
stretches west almost 25 miles  
It is fed by numerous rivers that drain a large swath of
the Guatemala Highlands
This is the Rio Oscuro
Which disappears into the swamp
home of bands of Howler Monkeys
The flowers were incredible
Like this Queen of the NIght
And Water Hyacinths, a favorite food of manatees
The lake views were stunning
Ashore, we hiked through this finca (ranch) to visit
"The only hot water falls in Central America"
Absolutely gorgeous! The falls are hot and the pool is