The approach to the first Gatun Lock of the Panama
Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean side of Panama,
near Colón
Taking shelter from the daily rainshowers
Sunset in Shelter Bay Marina
A stowaway!
A huge container ship squeezes through the first Gatun
Lock in the Panama Canal, southbound to the Pacific
Cars wait here to cross the Canal over a swing bridge
across the lock
Small but powerful electric railway engines, called
mules, heave the big ships along the Canal locks
Ital Laguna enters the lock as Evergreen exits
Coatimundis are common in the San Lorenzo Parque
Nacional adjacent to Shelter Bay Marina
An abandoned road makes it easy to walk through the
jungle and view wildlife
There's a Toucan up there somewhere
Tropical tree frogs breed in any standing body of water
Coati closeup
Coati foraging on the ground
Howler monkeys taking a siesta
Howler closeup
Howler closeup
Howler closeup
Howler closeup
This is no monkey!
Its a brown-throated tree sloth in its characteristic
upside down position!